Do you have stressed periods or generally have a stressed everyday life?

If you have periods or generally a stressed every day, you have the opportunity, for FREE, to get a massage chair out and have it tested in the workplace, give your employees a free space where they can relax and enjoy a short and well-deserved break with massage.

Focus on health

It is common sense to prevent

  • Massage in the chair takes only 15 minutes and corresponds to 45 minutes with a masseur.
  • Massage prevents and relieves many of the problems that cost many days away.
    helps including against: headaches, muscle pain, concentration problems etc.
  • Longer breaks counteract stress.
  • Focus on quality

Focus on quality

It pays off in the long run

  • The best chairs scan the back to provide optimal treatment.
  • A branded product is a safe choice for the latest technology and best durability.
  • We help find the best chair as needed.
  • The chair is always ready, no matter what time of day.
  • Focus on energy

Focus on energy

New life for tired and sore muscles

  • 15 minute massage provides renewed energy that lasts the rest of the day.
  • Reinforced concentration = increased productivity.
  • Well-placed employees provide a better working environment.
  • Satisfied employees give the company better goodwill.
  • Focus on costs

Focus on costs

A solution that gives profits, even financially

  • The chair costs less per person. month, than a monthly massage fee. today.
  • Cheaper by month than sick leave.

Are you going to try a massage chair at work?

We offer you a trial of 14 days, completely non-existent and free.
Fill in the contact details below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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