Lifting chairs

Welcome to World of Comfort’s selection of our exclusive lifting chairs in the absolute most beautiful design. A lifting chair is a practical aid for everyday life. It can be used in homes, workplaces, nursing homes and places of residence. Many have challenges getting up and down the general armchair. The lift chair is then especially suitable for you who want extra daily help and at the same time achieve luxury & comfort in high quality.

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Increased comfort with a lifting chair

The lifting chair can at the same time help to increase comfort and help with a bad back, low back pain and neck pain. We have several different types of lift chairs, in several different types of designs. They all stand out with their stylish and modern design.

A sea of options and variants of lifting chairs

Choosing a lifting chair can be a big decision when both design, material and size have to fit in with the others. furniture in your living room and in your home. With our Italian-produced series, you can now also get them in an exclusive design that has never been seen before. With a lift chair from World of Comfort, it is possible to choose between fabric or leather in a durable material, and choose the desired color accordingly. This gives you a lifting chair that fits your needs and wishes.