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Welcome to our large selection of high quality massage chairs! On this page you will find a massage chair, regardless of your needs, preferences and desires. We are the exclusive distributor of massage chairs such as Apollo, Galaxy, Venus and Neptune and in different designs and with several different functions. You will find, among other things, 2D, 3D and 4D models as well as variants with USB ports, Zero Gravity etc. Common to all the massage chairs on this site is that they live up to the same high standards for quality, design and functionality. If you want to read more about the different variants and which one is right for you, read more at the bottom of the page here. Otherwise, find your new massage chair in the selection below – we will send it to you quickly and for free!

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Professional massage chairs – if you want the best

A massage chair from World of Comfort is designed with the desire to be the absolute best on the market for massage chairs. This means that a lot of preparation has been done, which ensures that our massage chairs live up to our high standard also in massage chair price. Our internal statistics as well as studies from the Scandinavian market have been a guide for how our massage chairs have been developed. That’s why they are developed and designed by professionals who know what it takes for a massage chair to be top notch. & Nbsp;

Why choose a massage chair from World of Comfort?

At World of Comfort, we have a large selection of professional massage chairs. You can also find a massage chair cheaply that can provide increased well-being and comfort. When you order a massage from a professional clinic, you are dependent on external factors. For example, you cannot get a massage until the clinic has time for you. In addition, you must also coordinate your calendar and set aside time for this to be possible. If you invest in a professional massage chair, you always have an experience full of enjoyment available near you. It is entirely up to you whether you want to go and enjoy the massage without any distractions. Or if you want to hit two birds with one stone and get a massage while doing something else. You can watch your favorite series, read a good book or get the last piece of the day done. All the while being massaged by your World of Comfort massage chair. & Nbsp;

How often should you use your massage chair?

There is no right or wrong answer here. There is nothing harmful about getting a massage in a massage chair, so finally enjoy it as often as you want. The worst that can happen is that you feel much more relaxed and maybe get a better night’s sleep. That doesn ‘t sound that bad, does it? That said, we recommend limiting features like strong deep tissue massage and body stretches if you suffer from chronic pain. The best advice we can give is to listen to your own body. A massage should not make you feel worse than you had before the treatment. Instead, you need to feel and relaxed and more comfortable using a massage chair. & Nbsp;

Choose the right one the first time!

If you have decided to invest in a massage chair, you just as well do it right the first time. It is therefore important to choose a model that can last a long time and that meets the criteria and requirements that you set. It can be tempting to choose a cheap massage chair. But you need to consider whether a massage chair cheaply can give you the same well-being as a massage chair in higher quality. Our products are all highly professional and live up to high criteria – both in terms of functionality, materials and design. We of course recommend that you choose a product that meets your needs and requirements, and which is in good quality. Thus, you can also be more confident that it will last for many years. At World of Comfort, we are proud to offer the best comfort products on the market. We only sell professional comfort products that we can vouch for 100 percent. & Nbsp;

Large selection with the same good quality

At World of Comfort, we offer models in many variants and functions, which varies in design, features, color and cheap massage chairs. Common to them all, however, is that there is a high selection of professional products, all of which are of the highest quality. The brands that we sell most frequently are i.a. Apollo, Galaxy, Venus and Neptune . Whatever you are for the absolutely most exclusive model on the market, which has a unique design and countless features. Or you are for a simpler model that is stylistically more minimalist and still meets your needs, then we have it. We are proud of all our massage chairs. & Nbsp;

What are the functions of your various massage chairs?

Our massage chairs have many different functions, depending on which model you choose and whether you want massage chairs cheap. Massage in itself sounds like a good round of self-indulgence, but a massage chair with heat can give you a much better experience. Body stretching is another function that provides enormous therapeutic value. Therefore, you can also put this high on your wish list, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. The most important thing is what you need your massage chair for. If you spend several hours standing a day, then a model with a good laying and foot massage will serve you well. Then it is clearly worth sacrificing other features to get a superior massage in this area of ​​your body. If, on the other hand, you have office work, it is important to find a massage chair that provides a good head, neck and shoulder massage. There are also many other popular features in our massage chairs. USB ports, Zero Gravity,2D, 3D and 4D massage, space-saving designs , etc.), and all of these are important in their own way, but depend on personal preferences. Want help finding the right massage chair for you? Then our competent and skilled staff is ready to help you choose the right model. & Nbsp;

Should I choose a 2D, 3D or 4D Massage Chair?

If you already own a massage chair from World of Comfort , this may be of particular interest to you. World of Comfort offers a new exchange. With a change to a new one, you have the opportunity to hand in your old massage chair and change to a newer and more advanced massage chair. A 2D massage chair is the most traditional type of massage chair available on the market. It offers back massage, where the massage rollers move in two dimensions to create a kneading movement. This can be both up and down from your neck and all the way down your back. But it can also be massaged with the massage rollers, where it is massaged from side to side.


In some 2D massage chairs, you can also adjust the widths and speed of the rollers. But the massage movements in 2D massage chairs remain on a flat plane in 2 dimensions. Therefore, an upgrade to a newer model will be necessary. 3D – or maybe even 4D massage chair, if you want to use additional functions.


With a 3D massage chair, the option of expanding the massage roller in the back and pulling them back in the chair has been added. This provides the deepest form of massage as they can press into the back. In fact, just like it would do with a visit to a professional masseur. So in addition to being able to massage from side to side and up and down, the 3D massage chair can also massage in and out. This gives greater control over the depth of your massage and feels more like a real massage.3D massage chair allows you to fine-tune the massage. From soft to deep tissue depending on the depth that the rollers can extend into at the back. This depth may vary. The ability to scan the body via 3D creates the framework for adapting the massage chair to your shape, size and height. This also gives you a more accurate and precise scan and massage than with a 2D massage chair. (the ability to determine your shape, size, height) is also much more accurate and precise than scanning in a 2D massage chair.


4D is a 3D massage chair that also has an L-Track or a model that can massage your back and bottom. So the fourth dimension pushes forward in your back muscles. These models are quite rare as the technology is new on the market. & Nbsp;

Why is there built-in heat therapy?

Heat therapy in our massage chairs works a bit like in a heating pad. Except that it is of course combined with a massage program that improves the overall experience for you. The idea behind heat therapy is to raise the temperature of a painful or tender part of your body, which increases the blood flow oxygen to that area. Heat therapy is useful in relieving various symptoms such as. abdominal cramps, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, muscle aches. To name just a few of the benefits of using a massage chair with built-in heat. Heat therapy is a great addition to any comfort products. Still, we recommend that you do not use it for more than twenty minutes at a time, to give your body recovery. & Nbsp;

Service & amp; Sight

At World of Comfort, our competent consultants are ready to help you find the perfect model. We sell to the whole of the Nordic region, and therefore have great expertise in the market and different needs. Once you have bought a massage chair, we will come out free and deliver, assemble and demonstrate it for you. So you can feel completely safe and just sit back and enjoy your newly purchased massage chair. If you should experience problems with the massage chair, you can always contact us about the problem. Typically, 5 or 10 years of service inspection is included on massage chairs. Otherwise, this can always be purchased in the store or via our webshop. With our service packages you are completely covered in case something should go wrong with your massage chair. Then our competent service department will arrange your product for you free of charge. In addition, as always, there is a minimum 2 year guarantee on the purchase of massage chairs.