Welcome to World of Comfort’s large selection of massagers and wellness products. We sell a wealth of different massagers that can provide a little more luxury, relaxation and pampering in your everyday life. In the selection on this page you will find devices such as eye massage, foot massage, massage pillows, massage beds, massage pistols, posture-correcting backrests and much more. Common to our selection is the always high quality, our products are based on high standards in terms of quality, design and functionality.

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Make room for self-pampering with a massager

A massager can seem like a more manageable solution if you need a little relaxation and pampering in everyday life. Massage devices are targeted at individual parts of the body, such as the feet, neck, back or eyes / forehead, and can be purchased at a significantly lower price than e.g. a massagestol . A massage device can also relieve pain and fatigue in the muscles. Thus, you can choose the product that best suits your needs. It could be that you have a sore spot for foot massage, or more is for a classic back massage. It may also be that you have challenges with pain points on certain parts of the body. This makes one massager more obvious than another. For example, Aurora øjenmassage , which is a massage device for eyes, forehead and temples, is obvious if you suffer from tension headaches or migraines.You can read more about the specific massagers under each product so you are sure it covers your needs. Of course, we are also ready to answer your questions. If you are in doubt about the properties of a concrete massager.

Make the most of your time with a massager

Most of our massagers are designed so that they can be easily implemented in everyday routines. For example, a massage cushion can be fastened to the headrest in the car, so that time can be utilized with a good round of massage. And these are common features of our massagers – they can be used while you still do everything else. So you do not have to drag valuable time out of your calendar, which can be confusing in a hectic workday. With a massager you can loosen up in various tensions. Whether you are in the middle of a good book, reading the newspaper of the day, getting work assignments arranged or holding a conference call. Yes, with our øjenmassageapparat you can even loosen your tensions while you are up and flying .When you buy a massager from us, you can expect the same quality as with the rest of our products. Should you experience any problems with our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Eye Massage

Your eyes are at work from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed again . They take up lots of information about the world around you – shapes, colors, movements and more. Then they send the information to your brain for processing so the brain knows what is going on outside your body. That is why the eyes are such an important part of us, and we must therefore make sure to take good care of them via eye massage. Typically, the eye massager is shaped like an eye mask with a remote control attached to it. The mask massages the eye sockets, temples, muscles and pressure points around the eyes. These massage devices are designed to block light so that users can relax and rest their eyes. Based on acupressure techniques, massaging the eye area can increase oxygen to the eyes and brain. Using kneading or rolling compression along with heat, the device can simulate blood flow and reduce eye fatigue. An eye massage uses gentle compression to reduce stress in eye openings and temples. Airbags are inflated and emptied gently against sore areas to help reduce pain and tension. Muscles around the eye sockets are also relaxed with heat and compression to relieve soreness. In addition, it can help relieve the eyes, decrease light sensitivity, relieve dry or itchy eyes and dark circles under the eyes, which can stimulate blood flow.

Foot massage

Our feet also handle stress and work. Despite all this, they are usually the most neglected part of our body. Due to the long distance from the heart, it also has less blood circulation than other body parts. A foot massage is one of the best ways to deal with both problems as it relaxes the muscles and also improves the blood circulation. It can even help cure other health problems in the body as pressure points found in the feet are connected to the rest of our body. When these nerve points are stimulated, our body naturally functions to heal or repair itself.

Massage pillows

Massage pillows are good for reducing stress. When you are more relaxed, you will automatically feel less anxiety. Massage is well documented as a means of improving sleep, reducing pain and improving overall health. The great thing about massage pillows is that you can move them around from your car to your office or wherever you sit. They are also significantly cheaper than massage chairs. Studies have shown that massage therapy can significantly reduce the physical symptoms normally associated with anxiety. Massage pads come in all shapes. One type resembles a small cushion, and the other type resembles some form of seat or back cushion. These devices try to mimic the finger and thumb pressure of a regular masseur. Massage pads often use nodes or rollers that look like balls that rotate in a circular motion to mimic a shiatsu massage. Some of the pillow massages also roll up and down. There are thus many health benefits of a massage pillow. These include relief of back, shoulder and neck pain. In addition, a massage pillow can help reduce headaches, improve the immune system, loosen muscle knots and improve your posture.

Massage bed

There is no doubt that quality sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Stress before you fall asleep can therefore help to reduce the quality of sleep or make it difficult for you to fall asleep at all. Therefore, a massage bed is especially important as it helps to get tension out of the body and get you in a state of physical relaxation that infects your mental state. A massage bed improves sleep in many ways, but one of the biggest benefits of massage before sleep is that it relaxes your muscles that have been stressed during the day. Many of us unconsciously squeeze various muscles, usually the back and shoulders, as a manifestation of tension that accumulates throughout the day. When in a tense and stiff state, it can easily cause pain and make it difficult to relax enough to fall. asleep; Relieving this tension through massage allows sleep to occur more easily. The benefits of a massage bed can therefore help to improve your posture, reduce high blood pressure and improve your immune system.