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Venus Massage Chair black


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Venus massagestol fra World of Comfort I stuen
Venus massagestol - animations grafik comfort til stuen

Features in a class of their own

L-shape massage
4 autoprograms
Manual control
Mastered neck / back massage
User-friendly remote control
Bestseller for small spaces
Can be used as an armchair
Is in stock – also demo models
In stock in black and red (red demos only)
Can be booked for a demo at your address
Can be ordered 14 days for business
Shipping within 14 days


Brief knowledge & facts

Venus Massage Chair is our bestselling massage chair for smaller rooms.

Our Scandinavian customers demanded a massage chair that did not have the general appearance of a massage chair. At that time, it was not possible unless one compromised with the functions of the massage, which was by no means optimal for us. At the end of 2017, design and functions found their place and we could therefore be the sole supplier of this type of massage chair, and now the massage chair has found its home as a bestselling massage chair for small rooms in Denmark.

For more info scroll down the page, or see another selection of massage chairs click here.

It has become very popular, in a very short time. It fits in with everyone, but still massages it with optimal function and after-effects which is a requirement and value for our WOC products. It is currently as popular in private homes as it is in the workplace.

Warranty & service

We always provide a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products. Possibility of 10 years of service on massage chairs.

Interest-free installment payment

Pay your goods with 0% interest and DKK 0 in payment, divide the amount over the desired number of months.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, the larger products which are in stock, delivery is coordinated within 14 days.

Best design in 2020

Supreme neck and back massage

Design on the Venus Massage Chair ..

Venus has a soft and round design that appeals to many of our customers.

With the round design, the chair looks like a regular armchair, and can be easily integrated into the living room without dominating the rest of the furniture.

Venus is the smallest of our popular massage chairs we have in our attractive range, which means that it can easily fit in most homes.

In fact, many ordinary armchairs are significantly larger than our popular Venus massage chair, so you do not have to move around the whole home to make room for the beautiful massage chair.

The Venus massage chair is incl. pouf – which makes the massage more relaxing and allows you to throw your legs and really immerse yourself in the massage, calm down and enjoy the treatment.

Small, soft & round ..

Get high value for money

for an improved everyday life

Massage chair, massage chair, massage chair .. Why just choose a Venus?

Venus is for you who want a massage chair that massages especially well and in-depth in the neck and back area.

It has L-shape massage, so it will massage from the top of the head, and down under the buttock muscle, that way you are sure that you can get a part of your sciatic nerve massaged daily.

To get the most out of your experience with Venus Massage Chair, we recommend that you, among other things. can use the massage chair same with one of our other massage products such as the eye massage Aurora.

Bliv din egen massør

Automatic massage programs or manual control of the massage?

Become your own masseur with a massage chair on a daily basis. At the Venus massage chair, you have plenty of options. For example, you can control the chair manually.

That way you can plan your massage – and organize the massage where your body needs treatment and focus.

With several different ways to massage, you are free to choose your favorite massage. All you need is to sit in the chair, slap your legs up on the accompanying pouf and enjoy your massage treatment every day.

Style & Design

For you where all furniture matters

For you who go up in aesthetics & design

Design for you who are picky and do not want to compromise. With a large delicious and soft lambskin over it, it will look like a float.

The Venus Massage Chair consists of a simple and smooth design. With round shapes and a tight surface, it is one of the massage chairs that has an extraordinary and modern design within the new fashion. It is timeless in massage chairs. Many of your guests will be mistaken between the armchair and the Venus massage chair.

Should you have guests, or for some other reason need to have it moved, it is flexible easy to handle for all consumers, with 2 wheels at the bottom.

L-Shape Massage

L-shape massage technology in your venus

L-shape massage technology massage with massage balls from the top of the head, all the way down along the spine and all the way below the buttock muscle.

This gives you ample opportunity to get all the tension massaged out, as well as get most of the sciatic nerve massaged. The older technology had a back sled with massage balls which massaged from the neck down to the lower back. With L-Shape massage technology, you therefore get a much larger treatment area with the most necessary areas.

L-shape massage technology is one of the leading inventions in the massage chair market, World of Comfort was a pioneer of this invention in Scandinavia.

Just to move around

The massage chair is tilted backwards and can then be moved to the desired location. It is often easier to drive around with than the typical furniture at home. The Venus massage chair has two integrated wheels at the bottom of the back of the chair – that way you are always sure that it will not disturb you if, for example, you have a larger event with more guests at home or at work.

Easy & movable with wheels

What do customers say?

Highest quality & latest technology on the market

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best massage products on the market. We strive to have only the latest, most innovative, best and attractive products.

Book a showing of the chair at the desired address by clicking on “book demo”, and we will come out and present the chair to you.

Warranty & service

We always provide a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products. Possibility of 10 years of service on massage chairs.

Interest-free installment payment

Pay your goods with 0% interest and DKK 0 in payment, divide the amount over the desired number of months.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, the larger products which are in stock, delivery is coordinated within 14 days.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend using the chair once a day, for a maximum of 10 minutes for the first 14 days. Then it is a process that the body has to turn to. We recommend using the chair as a process, so after 14 days 20 minutes and after 1 month 30 minutes. Then 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Then you can feel for yourself on your body what exactly you can hold on to.

We have made some statistics on existing customers, where the vast majority of customers used their massage chair. However, the location is all crucial and we therefore recommend that it is in a place where you want to stay. Both living room and bedroom had a statistic of 100% use in 2017.

Venus is for you who want a nice and soft piece of furniture in the home and who at the same time want a good massage. It is deep in the neck and lower back.

You also always have a 2-year opportunity to switch to new at World of Comfort.

Venus has a very in-depth massage, which surprises many. But it can be more easily made softer than the larger chairs, by putting a rug behind, therefore it is considered a softer chair.

You can see watts under additional features. But it is by no means something that goes in and destroys the budget.

You can see the exact measurements under further information. This model is small and does not take up more space than an ordinary armchair.

Yes, a massage chair acts as a physical therapist. It is important to drink water afterwards so that the waste products can get out of the body with the liquid.

We recommend that you place it in the living room or bedroom so that you are sure to get it used.

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Additional information

Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 110 × 71 × 105 cm
Seat / hip width

Fits up to 50 CM






PU leather with fabric in the middle


Incl. Puf

Collected info

The chair comes together, there is no need for assembly instructions

User Manual

Video details

Shipping box

L 116 x W 74,5 x H 107 CM