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Eye massage Aurora


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Free and fast delivery

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Features in a class of their own

Eye massage / ignition
Good for tension headaches
Built-in heat therapy
Built-in melodies / music
Auto adjustment of all functions
Automatic programs
Manual control
Incl. charger
Incl. travel bag
Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
Can be adjusted in size
Both new and demos in stock


Aurora Eye Massage

Aurora eye massage is one of our most popular massagers. A massage product that goes in and gives you; heat, pressure, massage – at the same time as the mask provides soothing music.

Aurora eye massage gently massages forehead, eyes and temples with a gentle air pressure and vibration.

If you suffer from migraines, tension headaches or anything else around this area, Aurora is especially for you!

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Frequently asked questions

The massage from Aurora can help soothe the eye muscles so that bags under the eyes will appear smaller.

Yes, you can use Aurora wirelessly. When charging, however, the Aurora must be connected to a power supply.

On the left side of the Aurora, there is space to insert a micro connector that you can charge your Aurora with.

Do something good for yourself

Do you need pampering, relaxation – and time for yourself. Then we have the answer for you right here; The AURORA eye mask is created to create calm, massage, relaxation, help against tension and it is great for tired / dry eyes)

The eye massage can be used anywhere (where there is room and time for relaxation). The mask plays quiet music, which is great before your night’s sleep or during your trip. If you want to deselect functions, edit in the music or something else, Aurora can also do this.

If you want to loosen up for the cold winter months, you can also put a nice comfortable warmth on Aurora. The heat can also relieve pain. We recommend using Aurora before going to bed, so you can allow yourself to relax with a guarantee.

Aurora øjenmassage maske
Aurora øjenmassage maske

Get down in gear before bed

We recommend that you use Aurora before going to bed, so that you allow yourself to relax, enjoy the day’s input and create peace in the body before sleep.

The box comes with a smart little travel bag in silver, so you can pack the mask in if you e.g. have it by plane, train, hotel or on the long journey.

A cable and grounding plug are also included to charge the product.

Without a doubt one of our bestselling products and one of the massagers that here and now will make a huge difference.

Use the mask together with one of our massage chairs – massage cushions – or our foot massage Moonwalk.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 3 × 35 × 8 cm

Charging – Hours of 15 minutes


Charger and travel bag included in the package