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Facial Massage Cleanser 3in1


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Features in a class of their own

Innovative technology
Ultra shock for serum
Rubber brush for cleaning
Facial cleanser and massage in one
Ultra-shock therapy for pore closure
Facial cleanser for daily cleansing
Facial cleanser 3in1 for perfect skin
Use smaller product with ultra-shock system
Comes in the depth of the skin


Facial Massage Cleanser

Facial Massage Cleanser is a 2 in 1 skin care product with electronic movements, which makes cleansing and care of the skin much easier in the busy everyday life.

Facial massage The cleanser is built with a rubber surface, which makes the product easy and hygienic to use. Compared to the regular face cleansers that we know on the market, this one has an ultra-shock system which is used in conjunction with your serum. The ultra-shock system tightens the skin and gives the skin a glow.

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Frequently asked questions

The exfoliating brush head actually goes in and counteracts dry skin by removing the dead skin cells, so your skin will feel softer and will be able to absorb moisture more easily.

No, the ultra-shocks from the facial cleanser are intended to be gentle on your skin and you will therefore hardly be able to feel them.

No, the face cleanser has been developed with an innovative brush head that is easy to clean after use and therefore will never need to be replaced.

Use the facial cleanser on a daily basis for optimal effect on your skin.

Step 1) Cleanse the skin with soap and water. Use evt. some facial cleanser or scrub for extra depth. Use the rubber side of the face cleanser and run it around the face together with the product in circular motions.

Turn up the speed the last few minutes for the depth cleaner.

Wash your face with water so that all product is gone.

Step 2) Use a serum or cream. Massage the product into the skin with your fingers.

Turn on the ultra-shock system by pressing mode and turning the metallic surface on the skin. You will notice some minimalist shocks here. This means the treatment has started.

Run around the face in circular motions until the product has reached a good depth in the skin.

Tip: you can use a smaller product with the ultra-shock system, as the surface helps you get the product into the deepest skin layers.

You can also use it on the rest of the body.


Clean your face in depth and the cooling side of the brush to close the pores in the face

Facial massage The cleanser is built with a rubber surface, which makes the product easy to use and hygienic compared to the common facial cleansers that we know on the market.

The product has an electronic, cooling shock function on the back with a metal surface, which closes the leeks after the face has been cleaned with the brush on the other side.

With daily use of the Facial Massage Cleanser morning and evening, you will be able to see a difference on the skin, in terms of clarity, refinement and a fresher skin. It is important to cleanse the face daily, to remove old make-up and what else we expose the dog to during the day.

Time to cleanse, pamper and massage

The product is the latest on the market, and can not be dispensed with in homes where care is of great importance.

Your face will thank you – if you choose to pamper yourself with this amazing Facial Massage Cleanser – which should stand out in everyone’s bathrooms. You can quickly and easily charge your World Of Comfort Facial Massage Cleanser in the fine USB holder that comes with the product. The brush is easy to operate and both sides of the brush can be used,

If you want to further care for your skin, yourself and get completely down to gear, we can with advantage we recommend our popular eye massage, Aurora.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 16 cm