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Foot massage package sore feet


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Features in a class of their own

Pampering your feet
Heating pad on the go


Foot massage package

For you who need daily and easy treatment after a long day.

We are often hard on our dear feet in the day to day, to achieve daily treatment with massage, reflexology and heat, you must therefore pamper yourself with this package.

The foot package is made for you – so you remember to take care of yourself and your feet.


Foot Massage – Moonwalk 2

Infrared heat is especially good for you who are sore in the feet that a massager legs help with, as the heat goes in and relieves your pain and gives you a comfortable feeling of well-being and reduced soreness immediately. Infrared heat in a foot massager is especially good for inflammation, muscle joint pain, and arthritis.

Tip: if you have sore and dry feet, you can also after a long day lubricate your feet in a good moisturizer, put on some good thick socks and let the foot massager massage the moisture into your skin. Then massager legs will reduce soreness and your feet nicely soft.

Moonwalk 2 has a nice air pressure which stimulates blood circulation. This also helps in reducing the risk of blood clots. With daily use of Moonbots, you will therefore reduce the risk of blood clots every day with a foot massager.

The air pressure also helps you get the waste products out of the body. Waste substances can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol, etc. By using a foot massager on a daily basis, you can help to make your body healthy from the inside out and get improved well-being with the help of our popular Moonwalk 2.

Heat-pack heating pad

Our popular heat-pack warm pillow which helps you warm up the muscles both before and after the workout. By achieving warmth, you will always get daily well-being for the sore muscles.

Tip: fixed furniture in the sports bag, when the training is over, you can easily lie heat-pack on the muscle area you have trained for daily treatment after your activity.

Frequently asked questions

All our products are absolutely fantastic and can help with an incredible number of things. In the event of definite damage or other tragic damage, there is never a guarantee of the product’s effect. The products will always be able to provide daily well-being, treatment and the daily luxury good for everyday life. By using the products daily, it will also help you prevent any. soreness, therefore these products are a must for just you.

No, you need to have the foot massage in a socket to be able to use it. We recommend having it as a fixture in front of the sofa, while you see a good fim and lean back with a soft blanket and a nice warm drink.

We recommend choosing this package if you suffer from sore and tired feet. With several years of experience and references from customers, we know that this particular package is the best-seller for this particular target group. We have therefore made this package based on experience and customer response over the years. It is a sure winner and will give you great value for everyday life.

Via our Youtube channel we have made videos with all products. You can see our user manuals on our youtube kanal lige her!


Focus on your feet

MOONWALK 2 is a massage device that massages your entire sole of the foot, with round massage balls that give you a relaxed feeling for your feet. With Reflexology, Moonwalk 2 will help you, your body and your feet. Reflexology can help you with stress, nausea, headaches, upset stomach, restlessness in the body, etc.

Infrared heat goes in and relieves your pain and gives you a comfortable feeling of well-being and reduced soreness right away.

Infrared heat in a foot massager is especially good for inflammation, muscle joint pain, and arthritis.

SEE also our MOONWALK 1 which goes in depth with your feet and your lower legs.

Heat Pack
Heat Pack is a therapeutic heating pad that heats up to 53 degrees, which provides a relaxing effect on your muscles and can help relieve sports injuries, chronic pain, headaches and increase blood circulation.

This innovative product can be used anywhere and anytime as the product heats up in just a few seconds, keeping the heat on for almost an hour.

The product can be recycled so that it can be used as often as you want, and is really nice to wear if you are sore in the neck and shoulders, and also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Heat Pack can be used to advantage at the same time as our popular product for eye massage, Aurora.


The Nordic region’s most exclusive & best comfort products

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

We make a great virtue out of the fact that all our services abound in quality – and you must of course be able to feel that as a customer.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best products on the market.

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