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Foot Massage Moonwalk Plus


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Features in a class of their own

Massage for play and feet
Built-in heating
Air pressure for blood circulation
Manual control
Automatic programs
Venous pump massage
Can be set at an angle
User friendly
Available in both new and demo


Relieve the pressure on the sore legs & feet ..

Foot massage Moonwalk is the absolute best and most optimal foot / leg massage machine for you who want to focus on yourself, your body and your feet.

The product provides reflexology under the feet and acts as a massager for legs by having air pressure that stimulates blood circulation and the possibility of heat.

It is especially good for people who have a daily standing or sitting job, as it stimulates blood circulation and helps to get waste products out of the body with its innovative leg massager.

Moonwalk Plus can advantageously be combined with our popular massage chair Venus, as this way you get a massage on virtually the entire body.

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Frequently asked questions

You can choose between leg and foot massage.

Yes, you can choose heat for on the Moonwalk.

No not at all. You can choose between weak, medium and strong massage on the product, then there is something for everyone.

At Moonwalk, you can choose between a treatment for pain, relieving fatigue or for sheer pleasure.


This is how the Moonwalk works

The intensity as a leg massager can be adjusted between medium and hard massage. If the massage feels too intense at first, we recommend using a thick fabric such as a towel or soft slippers that can take the intensity. The foot massage has a built-in touch panel on its own leg massager. On the outside, the direction of the angle of the device can be easily adjusted via a push button on the foot massage machine.

We recommend that you initially use the foot massage as a massage device for legs 10-20 minutes per. day. In the meantime, in addition to our leg massager, we can recommend our Massage Pillow Pluto, which can be used for massage on the rest of the body.

Pampering & foot massage at a high level

Our Moonwalk is without a doubt one of our most popular products that you will not regret. The fantastic foot / leg massage that you can regulate yourself in pace, pressure, heat and reflexology should be in everyone’s home. Whether you have a standing / sitting job – it is a pleasure to place your feet / legs in the machine in the evening and enjoy the well-deserved massage.

People with poor blood circulation, arthritis, diabetes, etc. can advantageously try Moonwalk to create more life and crawl in the legs. If you have arthritis – the heat in the Moonwalk can help relieve it. So sit back and enjoy a world-class for / leg massage

Moonwalk can be used to advantage with our popular Aurora eye massage mask – find it here.



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Additional information

Weight 11 kg

Used in general socket, can not be charged.