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Galaxy X massage chair


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Features in a class of their own

Dual-Shape massage
Split massage arms
Advanced remote controls
Voice controle
Zero gravity
Charger station – wireless and USB input
12 auto massage programs
Manual control of all functions
Heat throughout the entrails and feet
Integrated voice assistant
Venous pump massage all over the body
Speakers for music


Absolutely the latest technology worldwide

The Galaxy X Massage Chair is our latest year 2020 pride and can in no way be compared to other massage chairs, as a further development of our incredibly popular Galaxy series. The massage chair comes with a completely newly developed massage that has never been seen before in the technological massage chair market – its new technology now makes it possible to distribute the massage arms and therefore makes it possible to massage two areas of the body at a time. It is the newest and wildest we have ever seen on the world stage and we are very proud to be the only dealer in Scandinavia of this feature.

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Frequently asked questions

Features for an easier everyday life

You get both a tablet holder, a small storage shelf for clock / ring when you get a massage, a tablet for operation, integrated control panel, wireless charger and much more! Is it the massage chair that has the most details and extra features ever.

Integrated voice panel tells you that the massage is underway and which program you are using. USB input for charging, wireless charger, sensors and speakers, X has everything you need on the go and needs fast use.

Venous pump massage for improved blood circulation

Venous pump massage stimulates blood circulation. If you have a sitting or standing job, this function is especially good. It prevents the risk of blood clots, activates the waste products so that they can come out, and starts the blood circulation. We recommend at all times to invest in a massage chair with this function as a minimum in the legs.

Waste substances can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol, etc.

Pioneering massage chair technology

Dual core-shape massage technology is a flexible back sled of which the massage arms can be divided into two. Massage balls massage from the top of the head and all the way down under your buttock muscles, of which the other massage arm can massage in the opposite direction / area. This will give you ample opportunity to get massaged two areas at a time. The older technology had a back sled with massage balls which massaged from the neck down to the lower back. You get the feeling of many more hands massaging.

Pioneering & innovative massage technology – only at World of Comfort

In a massage chair we have what is called a sledge. This backrest is made so that the massage chair’s massage arms can run up and down the back of the body. On the market there are I-shape massage, L-shape massage (which WOC’s massage chairs have as a minimum) and now as something completely extraordinary we have got Dual-core shape massage.

L-shape massage technology is one of the leading inventions in the massage chair market, World of Comfort was a pioneer of this invention in Scandinavia.

With the new invention Dual-core shape, World of Comfort is now the only ones in the Scandinavian market with this technology in the massage chair and is therefore again a leader in massage technology.

Audiobook, pod-cast, mindfullness or maybe radio?

The massage chair has speakers with beautiful gold details.

You can calmly while you get your treatment listen to what you want. You can easily connect the massage chair to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The speakers are made specifically for the purpose of use in a massage chair, you will therefore easily be able to hear quality sound from the speakers without the sound affecting your surroundings.

Heat therapy for joint pain

In the massage chair, you can add heat to both the interior of the chair and the feet, this is done simply by pressing a simple button in the remote control.

In addition to the heat being delicious for the cold winter evenings, the heat is especially good for muscle / joint pain.

At World of Comfort, we have a number of arthritis patients who use the heat from the chair, precisely for this purpose to relieve the daily arthritis pain.

Easy & removable
– easy to move around

The massage chair moves forward on two rails at the bottom of the chair and must therefore only use 6 cm of space at the back when it is reclined in zero gravity.

If you need guests, or for some other reason need the chair moved, it is flexible and easy to handle with wheels at the bottom.

The massage chair is tilted backwards and can then be moved to the desired location.

Zero gravity, a must-have in your massage chair

Zero gravity is now a very well-known feature in massage chairs. It is the most optimal position to get massage in, in a massage chair.

Your knees are here placed higher than your heart, which gives you a relaxing opportunity to let go of the daily tensions, and let you “float” while you get your treatment.

When you are placed in this position, waste products have a better chance of coming out with the liquid afterwards.

Highest quality and latest technology on the market

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best massage products on the market. We strive to have only the latest, most innovative, best and attractive products.

Book a showing of the chair at the desired address by clicking on “book demo”, and we will come out and present the chair to you.

Additional information




Brown leather material, gold / wood detail material & high gloss blue sides

Color material

Mørkebrun og minimalistiske bronze detaljer

Color on the outside of the & quot; shell & quot;

High gloss blue with shiny effect in sides

Color inside of & quot; must & quot;

Gold and bronze details. Wood material for shelf / operating areas

Color Control Panel

Black high gloss with silver details

Color of speakers

Bronze / gold high gloss effect

Remote control

Kommer med integreret panel i stolen og tablet i siden

Charger for device

Comes with integrated wireless charger and USB input


Height 125 x Width 79 x Depth 150 CM

Shoulder width (inside) 60 CM
Play width (inside) 18 CM

From floor to seat Height 56 CM
From seat to top 100 CM

Leg / foot part Width 53 CM
Leg / foot part Height 55 CM
Leg / foot part Depth 40 CM
Foot sole depth 33 CM

Galaxy X in use - video

Galaxy X Explanation - Video

Massage form

Dual-Core Shape Massage