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Features in a class of their own

Air purifier
Hydrogen water bottle
Healthier lifestyle
Reduced bacteria
Increased weight loss
Carbon HEPA filter
Increases metabolism
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces fatigue
Lowers blood sugar
Decreased muscle weakness
Charger included


For a healthier lifestyle & focus on your health

This package is for you who want a new and healthy lifestyle. With our popular air purifier and hydrogen water bottle, we have now made a fantastic package for you who want to start from today! Below you can read all the benefits of an air purifier and hydrogen water bottle.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Hydrogen bottle can be used under water. However, it must not get in the dishwasher due to the electronic parts in the bottom of the bottle.

The air purifier must not be submerged.

The bottle is wireless. A charger is included in the box when you order your hydrogen bottle.

The air purifier must be plugged in.

Use of air purifier:

  1. Connect the air purifier to the power supply, after which you will hear a sound from your air purifier. The machine goes into standby and will show a red light on the round button.
  2. After the machine is switched on, the round button will light up in complete red, indicating that the machine has entered the start-up phase of the automatic program.
  3. The clock on the display indicates how long the timer has been set to run on the machine. Here you can choose between 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. Press again to turn it off.
  4. The speed of the engine can be set by pressing the wind turbine, where you can choose between 1st gear shows green light (if you have good air quality), 2nd gear shows yellow light (if there is a medium air quality), 3 gears show red light (if there is a degraded air quality). In addition, there is a sleep and auto program.
  5. With the padlock, you can choose to put the child lock on so that you can not adjust the machine. To cancel it again, press the button for three seconds.
  6. The machine is also equipped with a timer that shows when it is time to clean the filter. This is illustrated via the WiFi button, which must be held down for five seconds to clean the filter and restart the timer.
  7. To switch off the air purifier, press the round power button again and the machine enters standby mode.

Hydrogen water is used for a healthier lifestyle. Hydrogen water is filled with energy, vitamins and minerals. An incredible number of studies have been done, the truth is that the researchers are divided and there is no documentation in Denmark yet, it is said by some researchers that hydrogen water must be able to purify from the inside and contribute to cancer prevention. We are objective and will let you as a customer investigate and have your own opinion.

We recommend cleaning the bottle in the old-fashioned way with dishwashing liquid, dish brush and water. Then you are sure you are not destroying the electronics at the bottom. Possibly. it would be a good idea to pour boiling water into the bottle once in a while.

The air purifier is simply cleaned with a damp cloth or all-around wet wipe.

No, everyone must use the hydrogen water bottle and the air purifier.

An air purifier is simply placed on the floor and can be placed both in the office, in the living room, the children’s room, etc.

Perfect for the office or home

An air purifier can be a good idea if you want to take better care of your health and minimize the uptake of bacteria.

The pre-filter in the air purifier is a Carbon HEPA + filter, which is a recyclable, washable filter. A Carbon HEPA filter is mainly used to immediately collect dust particles, bacteria, abrasives, pollen, liquids and other pollutants.

The air purifier can be cleaned and reused several times. The activated carbon filter HEPA + is based on the standard for filter material for households and provides a strong absorption capacity and a good filter function. It helps to create a good effect within the collection of bacteria and dust particles as well as other harmful substances.

Health and health package for the office or workplace - better working environment
Health and health package with Air comfort air purifier and hydrogen waterbottle water bottle on the go

The air purifier has become especially popular in 2020

The air purifier can be controlled with an APP, the wireless remote control or on the product itself. In the summer, it can be an absolutely fantastic feeling to get out and walk into a room with clean and fresh air.

In the air purifier is a Carpon HEPA filter which documented removes bacteria, but it is of course also good for allergy sufferers, smokers’ homes and bad climate. The filter, which is only changed once a year, can also be easily washed by opening it with a light touch – it is therefore easy to use for everyone.

The air purifier can be used both at home but also in the workplace. See in an interview from TV2 how important air purifiers are and how they have helped the municipalities here.

A sure winner for her or him who wants a healthier lifestyle

A hydrogen water bottle is incredibly smart to take on the go.

You simply fill ordinary bottled water in the bottle, after which you turn it on for power and press start. Hydrogen will then form in the bottle and after a few minutes it will be ready to drink.

It is a new lifestyle that can make everyday life healthier, but not least a start to focus on your health and well-being. This package can easily be used at home or at work, but the bottle is especially good for you who are also on the go. See here on ouryoutube channel how easy and simple you use the Hydrogen water bottle.

Hydrogen water bottle Hydrogen waterbottle for better health
Hydrogen water bottle

Production of Hydrogen water directly in your own home

However, it can be an expensive affair to purchase hydrogen water, therefore we now offer a water bottle so you can produce hydrogen water directly from home your own home.

Hydrogen water can even help reduce inflammation, improve health and even slow down the aging process. Use it on a daily basis as a regular water bottle if you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle with hydrogen water.

We recommend everyone to read about Hydrogen water to form their own opinion, at World of Comfort we are a fan.

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The Nordic region’s most exclusive & best comfort products

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

We make a great virtue out of the fact that all our services abound in quality – and you must of course be able to feel that as a customer.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best products on the market.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 15 cm