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Massage seat


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Features in a class of their own

For office chair with massage
4 automatic programs
manual control
remote control
connectors for the home
plug for the car


Mobile Massage Seat

Massage seat is for you who want a mobile massage product for the household, maybe you dream of using the massage seat on the long journeys or maybe as a supplement to the office, where you can get an office chair with massage.

Massage seat can be used as an office chair with massage together with our popular product for eye massage, Aurora.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to turn on the heat on the massage seat.

The massage seat can be used in all kinds of chairs, but we see that it is especially popular to make your own office chair with massage.

Massage seat

Massage where you need it

In the massage seat there are 4 intense auto programs with different types of massage.

The seat has both kneading, shiatsu, tapping and knocking massage. All massage functions are different and help you to set in motion the blood circulation.

There is also a manual control on the remote control. Under manual control, you are free to choose which method of massage you want, at a specific point on the body.

The massage seat has in addition to two extra functions which are vibration and heat. The two extra features especially help relieve pain.

Venous pump massage for improved blood circulation

The box includes a remote control for the massage seat, a plug for the home and a replacement plug that can be used in the car.

In other words, you can use the massage seat – where you need treatment, relaxation or just a little massage. In addition, the heat in the massage seat can be especially good for people who have arthritis pain. Likewise, massage is also a great way to get the body moving.

Massage seat can be used as an office chair with massage together with our popular product for eye massage, Aurora.

Massage seat

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