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Moonboots Recovery Boots

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Moonboots revoeryboots støvler for blodcirkulation
Moonboots revoeryboots støvler for blodcirkulation vertikalt

Features in a class of their own

Luftdruck für geschwollene Beine / Füße
Good for fluid retention
Prevention of blood clots
Good for restlessness in the legs
Several massage auto programs
Easy remote control
Easy to use
Can be used every day
Provides air pressure on feet and legs
Good for sore muscles
Can be used with advantage with other products
Recommended for home use


Restlessness in the legs can cause irritation

Moonboots have a nice air pressure which stimulates blood circulation. This also helps in reducing the risk of blood clots. Therefore, with daily use of Moonboots, you will reduce the risk of blood clots.

The air pressure also helps you get the waste products out of the body. Waste substances can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

No not at all. You can choose between different auto programs or even control the strength so there is something for everyone.

The product has no minimum or maximum limit. With velcro opening / closures, you can customize it to your liking.

Moonboots are used to stimulate blood circulation. But can also, for example, be for the prevention of laundry collection, restlessness in the legs, sore muscles or to get the waste products out of the body – from, for example, medicine, smoking and alcohol.

Plug in and turn on the remote control.

You can easily use Moonboots by wearing them as a boot or sock.

We recommend that you sit back on the sofa and relax while using them.

Then simply select an Auto Program and you are up and running.

If you want a harder massage, you can also strengthen the intensity.

Tip: if you have sore and dry feet, you can also after a long day lubricate your feet in a good moisturizer, put on some good thick socks and let the massager massage the moisture into your skin.

Warranty & service

We always provide a 2-year warranty on all our electronic massagers. It is your safety and guarantee of a quality product.

Fast delivery

We send all packages on weekdays at 10, you therefore order before kl. 10, we send it off the same day.

Recovery boots

Great for preventing blood clots and restlessness in the legs

Do you need pampering, relaxation – and time for yourself. Then we have the answer for you right here;

Venous pump massage for improved blood circulation

Airbag massage also called air pressure massage or venous pump massage – dear child has many names – stimulates blood circulation. If you have restless legs, swollen legs, or a sitting or standing job, this feature is especially good. It prevents the risk of blood clots, activates the waste products so that they can come out, and starts the blood circulation. We recommend at all times to invest in this function as a minimum in a massager, as this function can not be replaced with anything else.

Waste materials can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol and more. These airbags are therefore a must-have for daily health and not least prevention.

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Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best massage products on the market. We strive to have only the latest, most innovative, best and attractive products.

Warranty & service

We always offer a minimum 2 year guarantee on all our massage devices.


Always a 14-day right of withdrawal on the massagers on the webshop.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, you order before kl. 10 we send the same day.

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