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Neptune massage chair black


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Free and fast delivery

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Neptun massagestol - sort farve til kontor hjemmet
Neptun massagestol i sort - world of comfort

Features in a class of their own

L-Shape massage
Venous pump massage
Zero gravity
Built-in integrated remote control
USB charger station input
3 auto massage programs
Manual control of all functions
Available in several colors
Can be booked for a demo at your address
Delivered within 14 days


It’s not the size, but the function’s ..

Neptune is for you who want a smaller massage chair, which still provides massage in the most important places on the body. It does not take up more space than an ordinary armchair, but it has been given an incredible number of functions such as its larger “siblings”. Therefore, if you have a need for a daily massage, but do not want to compromise on space, it is a sure winner.

Scroll down for more info or see our other selection of massage chairs here.

Warranty & service

We always provide a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products. Possibility of 10 years of service on massage chairs.

Interest-free installment payment

Pay your goods with 0% interest and DKK 0 in payment, divide the amount over the desired number of months.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, the larger products which are in stock, delivery is coordinated within 14 days.

Small, loyal & luxurious

A massage chair will not let you down

Prevent blood clots

Venous pump massage for improved blood circulation

Venous pump massage stimulates blood circulation. If you have a sitting or standing job, this function is especially good. It prevents the risk of blood clots, activates the waste products so that they can come out, and starts the blood circulation. We recommend at all times to invest in a massage chair with this function as a minimum in the legs. Waste substances can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol, etc.


Audiobook, pod-cast, mindfullness or maybe radio?

Therapy for all the senses

The massage chair has speakers with beautiful silver details. You can calmly while you get your treatment listen to what you want. You can easily connect the massage chair to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The speakers are made specifically for the purpose of use in a massage chair, you will therefore easily be able to hear quality sound from the speakers without the sound affecting your surroundings.


for easier, everyday life

What makes the massage chair special?

The Neptun massage chair is for you who want a good and in-depth massage from the top of the head to the lower part of the buttock muscle. It provides in-depth massage with 4 massage arms which easily grab the desired area.

It has venous pump massage for the leg muscles and the side of the hips.

The many customers who have bought a Neptun massage chair choose this particular product, as both design and functions are important to them. With a Neptun massage chair, you can easily integrate the furniture into your home. Choose more colors, or enclose it with a lovely lambskin rug and decorative pillows – then you are guaranteed a presentable and delicious product for the home or workplace.

See here what the company 7soveren says about their Neptun Massage Chair.

Heat therapy for the body

Heat therapy for muscle & joint pain

In the massage chair, you can add heat to both the interior of the chair and the feet, this is done simply by pressing a simple button in the remote control.

In addition to the heat being delicious for the cold winter evenings, the heat is especially good for muscle / joint pain.

At World of Comfort, we have a number of arthritis patients who use the heat from the chair, precisely for this purpose to relieve the daily arthritis pain.

Massage chair technology

L-shape massage technology massage with massage balls from the top of the head, all the way down along the spine and all the way below the buttock muscle.

This gives you ample opportunity to get all the tension massaged out, as well as get most of the sciatic nerve massaged. The older technology had a back sled with massage balls which massaged from the neck down to the lower back.

With L-Shape massage technology, you therefore get a much larger treatment area with the most necessary areas.

L-shape massage technology is one of the leading inventions in the massage chair market, World of Comfort was a pioneer of this invention in Scandinavia.

L-shape Massage

Zero gravity

a must-have in your massage chair

Zero gravity, the most talked about feature in massage chairs

Zero gravity is now a very well-known function in massage chairs, it is by no means a new technological part, but to that extent an important part in a quality massage chair. It is the most optimal position to get massage in, in a massage chair.

Your knees are here placed higher than your heart, which gives you a relaxing opportunity to let go of the daily tensions, and let you “float” while you get your treatment. When you are placed in this position, waste products have a better chance of coming out with the liquid afterwards.

Easy & movable with wheels

Just to move around

If you need guests, or for some other reason need the chair moved, it is flexible and easy to handle with wheels at the bottom.

The massage chair is tilted backwards and can then be moved to the desired location, easily with two hands holding the headboard.

Highest quality & latest technology on the market

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best massage products on the market. We strive to have only the latest, most innovative, best and attractive products.

Book a showing of the chair at the desired address by clicking on “book demo”, and we will come out and present the chair to you.

Warranty & service

We always provide a minimum 2 year warranty on all our products. Possibility of 10 years of service on massage chairs.

Interest-free installment payment

Pay your goods with 0% interest and DKK 0 in payment, divide the amount over the desired number of months.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, the larger products which are in stock, delivery is coordinated within 14 days.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend using the chair once a day, for a maximum of 10 minutes for the first 14 days. Then it is a process that the body has to turn to. We recommend using the chair as a process, so after 14 days 20 minutes and after 1 month 30 minutes. Then 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Then you can feel for yourself on your body what exactly you can hold on to.

We have made some statistics on existing customers, where the vast majority of customers used their massage chair. However, the location is all crucial and we therefore recommend that it is in a place where you want to stay. Both living room and bedroom had a statistic of 100% use in 2017.

In general, it is not easy to answer that question, even if it is the question we get the most. A Neptune massage chair is the best chair for you who want a massage chair that takes up the most important places on the body and does not want it to take up too much space. It has some of the most important features and those are not spared. Among other things, it has L-Shape massage, several auto programs, manual control, heating and speakers. You can lean it down in Zero gravity so you get the most out of your massage.

Yes. You can get it in the following colors:

Beige and white ivory color

Brown and beige

Black and red

Completely black

Neptun is best for those who want a small massage chair that does not take up too much space, that does not dominate design and appearance, and that provides massage in the most important places on the body (neck, back, buttocks, lower back, legs).

Yes, a massage chair acts as a physical therapist. It is important to drink water afterwards so that the waste products can get out of the body with the liquid.

We recommend that you place it in the living room or bedroom so that you are sure to get it used.

For business, we recommend an office / room where you can easily get to and want to stay, without being exhibited to colleagues.

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Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 145 × 76 × 79 cm

Black food – completely black with a food effect, Bronze brown with ivory white sides, Light beige with light beige colored sides, Matte red with matt black colored sides




65 kg

Measure cm

Height: 110 cm
Width: 66 cm
Depth: 105 cm
Height (seat to floor): 43 cm
Height (seat to top): 82 cm
Width (seat / hip): 51
Width (legs / legs): 16 cm


Removable with wheels and handles

Instruction video