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Neptune Massage Chair in red with. black side


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At World of Comfort, you can choose between a basic service agreement and a premium service agreement. A service visit can typically be an expensive pleasure. However, it may still be necessary when it comes to a more expensive and exclusive product such as a massage chair.

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Free and fast delivery

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Features in a class of their own

L-shape massage
Venous pumpmassage
Zero gravity
Built-in integrated remote control
USB charger station input
3 auto massage programs
Manual control of all functions
Available in several colors
Can be booked for a demo at your address
Is in stock – also demo models
Delivered within 14 days


It’s not the size, but the making ..

Neptune is for you who want a smaller massage chair, which still provides massage in the most important places on the body. It does not take up more space than an ordinary armchair, but it has been given an incredible number of functions such as its larger “siblings”. Therefore, if you have a need for a daily massage, but do not want to compromise on space, it is a sure winner.

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Frequently asked questions

Audiobook, pod-cast, hit of the year, mindfullness or maybe radio?

Neptune has built-in speakers in the chair, so it is possible to connect your device via bluetooth and then play what you want while you get your massage treatment.

It is good for the body to play de-stressing music, mindfulness or other soothing while enjoying the massage. The body relaxes more in the correct environment, we are therefore more receptive to the massage by dim lighting and calm sound in the ears.

Heat therapy for joint pain

In the Neptun massage chair you can add heat, this is done simply by pressing a button in the built-in remote control.

In addition to the heat is nice on cold winter evenings, the heat is especially good for muscle / joint pain.

Heat and massage are also a good combination – so the massage can get in depth and you get the most out of your treatment.

At WOC, we have a number of arthritis patients who use the heat from the chair, precisely for the purpose of relieving the daily arthritis pain. When the body and joints are warmed up – it is easier to use the body and it will be easier to get started with everyday life.

Neptun massagestol - picture 2

L-shape massage technology

L-shape massage technology massage with massage balls from the top of the head, all the way down along the spine and all the way below the buttock muscle.

This gives you ample opportunity to get all the tension massaged out, as well as get most of the sciatic nerve massaged. The older technology had a back sled with massage balls which massaged from the neck down to the lower back.

With L-Shape massage technology, you therefore get a much larger treatment area with the most necessary areas.

L-shape massage technology is one of the leading inventions in the massage chair market, World of Comfort was a pioneer of this invention in Scandinavia.

Auto programs and manual control

You can control all functions automatically or manually in the Neptun massage chair’s remote control. From auto programs, to heat and manual control. In manual control, you can adjust how the massage balls should massage and where they should massage.

This gives you ample opportunity to massage myoses and sores away. This is also where the chair can replace the physical therapist and help you prevent on a daily basis.

So sit back – enjoy your tailored treatment and receive the in-depth massage while the Neptun massage chair warms your body, so you are more receptive to the massage.

Neptun massagestol med fjernbetjening

Venous pump massage for improved blood circulation

Airbag massage also called air pressure massage or venous pump massage – dear child has many names – stimulates blood circulation. If you have a sitting or standing job, this function is especially good.

It prevents the risk of blood clots, activates the waste products so that they can come out, and starts the blood circulation. We recommend at all times to invest in a massage chair with this function as a minimum in the legs.

Waste substances can come from medicine, smoking, alcohol, etc.

The Nordic region’s most exclusive and best comfort products

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

We make a great virtue out of the fact that all our services abound in quality – and you must of course be able to feel that as a customer.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best products on the market.

Book a showing of the chair at the desired address by clicking on the book demo, and we will come out and present the chair to you.

Additional information

Weight 65 kg

Black food – completely black with a food effect, Bronze brown with ivory white sides, Light beige with light beige colored sides, Matte red with matt black colored sides




Height: 110 cm
Width: 66 cm
Depth: 105 cm
Height (seat to floor): 43 cm
Height (seat to top): 82 cm
Width (seat / hip): 51
Width (legs / legs): 16 cm


Removable with wheels and handles

User guide video