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Valery Lifting Chair


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Free and fast delivery

Free and fast delivery

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Features in a class of their own

Italian produced
Battery powered
Two engines
Memory-foam seat
Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam
Swivel foot metal base
Adjustable headboard
Metal mechanical parts
Available in fabric or leather
Available in several colors
Can be ordered for demonstration
4-12 weeks delivery time


Valery Lifting Chair

Absolutely high and delicious quality with a Spanish-produced lifting chair. A lifting chair is an aid for you who want an extra hand in everyday life to be able to get up and down the daily chair. It can eventually give us all challenges and a lift chair will therefore become your best friend in everyday life. However, a lifting chair is most often clumsy and practical thinking has taken place, with this lifting chair everything has been thought of. You therefore have both the practical, high quality but with an absolutely fantastic and exclusive design. This lifting chair does not create any attention other than the positive one in you.

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Frequently asked questions

A lift chair is used to help a person up and down the chair. Its mechanism lifts the seat up so that you can get up more easily, for example to your walker – but also get down quietly, without having to be afraid of any. fold.

Copenhagen lifting chair is available in leather and fabric – also several colors.

Yes, if you choose the Copenhagen lift chair in leather, it is genuine leather. It is also available in fabric, so remember to choose the correct desired material.

A lifting chair for an improved everyday life

A lifting chair can facilitate your everyday life and the small challenges that can arise in everyday life.

In short, a lift chair is an everyday product for people with challenges or injuries in the legs.

For example, it can be the legs that have become less strong over time and it can therefore be a daily struggle to get up and down the chair at home. It can also be new knees or new hips, which can present challenges

Valery Lifting Chair Valery Løftestol
Valery Lifting Chair Valery Løftestol

Let the lift chair help you daily

A lifting chair helps you both up and down, you will still have to use your muscles, but the lifting chair will help you so that, for example, there are no unpleasant surprises such as falls.

This lifting chair can be further reclined and therefore used as a regular armchair.

It is a delight to the eye and no attention has been paid to the details.

A lifting chair is an aid for you who want an extra hand in everyday life. You who need extra support, security and maybe to be able to get your legs up in height. Perfect for relaxing, television chair or as an aid.

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Additional information

Dimensions 93 × 95 × 128 cm

Width: 95cm
Depth: 93cm
Height: 128cm
Seat depth: 54cm (from edge to back)
Seat height: 48cm (from floor to seat)



The structure of the chair

Structure: Wood covered with a layer of polyurethane and metal mechanical parts.

Upholstery: Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam with different densities covered by a layer of dacron.

Covers: Leather, faux leather, microfiber and fabric.

Foot: Swivel metal base.

Main function: Adjustable headboard.