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Vela Massage chair


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Vela Massage chair

Vela Massage Chair is for you who want a German-made massage chair in high quality. The design of the massage chair is delicious and room-friendly. Most people choose this massage chair, due to its modern and minimalist design, we demand in Scandinavia.

The chair can, as with our other German-produced models, be reclined as an ordinary armchair – both in the legs and back.

The chair has a swivel base and can therefore be swiveled like an ordinary armchair in the home.

It is available in several colors and is produced in genuine leather or fabric.

When ordering, the desired color is written in the comment field and material.

It’s about. 8 weeks expected delivery time for this item.

Frequently asked questions

We personally believe that the choice of a massage chair fits the customer’s needs. We have chairs from all over the world and there will always be a match. This chair is for you who want well-being. an ordinary armchair but with an extra twist of luxury so you can get relaxed in the living room at home. So if you can nod yes to these things, this chair is definitely better for you than the other models World of Comfort offers.

Yes, the chair is genuine leather. Generally, massage chairs are not produced with genuine leather today, due to wear and movement that the chair must be able to withstand for many years. But this model has a gut which means that the leather of the chair is not touched too much in the movement of the massage balls. The chair also does not have heat like the other massage chairs and therefore does not take damage and gets wrinkled, as an ordinary massage chair with leather would do. It is carefully produced for the purpose of the massage chair, with a combination of leather.

No, this chair is one of the smaller ones and we will compare it a bit with wellness massage. It is therefore for you who want a little extra.

Yes, it is available in all colors. When ordering, simply note this in the comments field.

Yes, you can also choose Vela in fabric. Just note it to us in the comments field, along with the desired color.

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Book a showing of the chair at the desired address by clicking on the book demo, and we will come out and present the chair to you.

Additional information

Dimensions 182 × 88 × 53 cm

Fabric, Leather