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Shakeboard PRO - NEW

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Features in a class of their own

Burns calories
Increased blood circulation
Strengthens the balance
Automatic programs
Manual control
Speakers for music via USB input
Movement can be synchronized with the music
Wireless remote control clock
Built-in remote control
Exercise straps
Training mat
4D Vibration


Bestseller training product 2021

New upgraded version of the popular Shakeboard.

With the new Shakeboard PRO you get improved technology, 4D vibrations and even more settings. It comes with a training mat, wireless remote control (clock) and training elastics – for the possibility of training arms.

Shakeboard PRO is a BIG NEW in 2021 at World of Comfort. With the fitness board, you have the opportunity to train, while the board shakes, vibrates and shakes from side to side.

Get the most out of your workout with Shakeboard PRO, which is an alternative to both exercise machines, rehabilitation machines, and cardio. The shakeboard helps to stimulate blood circulation, and also strengthens the balance. It can be used to advantage by the experienced coach, who does not compromise on quality.

The exercises can vary – and can be done both sitting, standing, lying down and dynamic.

Scroll down for more info on the popular workout massage.

Warranty & service

We always provide a 2-year warranty on all our electronic massagers. It is your safety and guarantee of a quality product.

Fast delivery

We send all packages on weekdays at 10, you therefore order before kl. 10, we send it off the same day.

Efficient calorie burning

Bestseller training product

One machine, lots of options

Shakeboard PRO is useful for everyone, but is primarily made for you who have experience with training, or for you who use the board in connection with the rehabilitation of others.

By using the shakeboard, you can optimize the training by changing position so that all muscle groups are trained.

It comes with 2 elastic bands, which can be hooked to the board. These elastics can help you train your upper body. In this way, it is possible to activate the whole body, and continuously gradually challenge oneself.

If you have problems with weak joints, the board can be included as part of the rehabilitation.

Shakeboard PRO is our heaviest and most solid version of our Shakeboards – which ensures a good and durable quality. You stand firm and can be optimally used by many.

Creative training with a shakeboard

Training from home

for easier, everyday life

Delicious, easy and functional for the busy everyday life

There are no excuses anymore with a Shakeboard PRO. This product is especially suitable for the target group who often train.

It can be controlled manually, or you can just run an auto program that trains the body at intervals.

The package includes 2 pcs. elastic band, and a wristwatch acting as a remote control. You can easily train your arms with elastic bands, and you can easily operate Shakeboard PRO with the wireless wristwatch.

Shakeboard PRO has several different settings, including vibration, vibrations and the latest function “Shake” – see the different versions here:

Prevent & relieve your joints and muscles

A rehabilitation machine at home

Shakeboard PRO is an alternative to both exercise machines and rehabilitation machines.

The shakeboard helps to stimulate blood circulation, and also strengthens the balance.

Use the board to get more out of your already hard training – and challenge yourself by letting the board be part of your current training. The exercises can vary – and can be done both sitting, standing, lying down and dynamic.

Depending on the selected body position on the product, the desired muscle group is strengthened.

Get your whole body trained easily

Functional wireless remote control & good training elastics

You do not have to make it harder than it is - train at home in a short and effective time

The shakeboard comes with a wireless remote control. If you are, for example, a personal trainer, the shakeboard can easily be controlled by you as a trainer, while your student trains on the machine. The wireless remote control makes it a lot easier for the more flexible and fast training. In fact, you can simply train on the shakeboard for 20 minutes a day for optimal product performance.

The accompanying elastics make it easy to train varied. For example, you can train both the triceps and the biceps. Watch on our Youtube channel how the exercises can be done as an example.

Get control of your health with a shakeboard at home

Health and body control

The biggest advantage of a shakeboard is that the product is smaller than large exercise machines, and can easily be taken out at home.

We recommend laying the Shakeboard under the sofa or bed. With wheels on one side, it can be easily driven in and out. When you need to exercise, it is easy for you to do it at home with the Shakeboard, rather than having to go out the door.

With a Shakeboard PRO, there are no more excuses to reach the daily workout and achieve the recommendations for movement.

For the workplace

Use the PRO shakeboard in the office

Improved work environment for your workplace

If you have a sedentary or standing job where you are in the same position most of your working day, a Shakeboard PRO is a good and alternative solution to get you moving. You can easily sit and relax in an office chair and lay your feet on top of the Shakeboard, while its vibrating movements will help stimulate blood circulation.

As a diversion, you can easily use it to create fast energy for the long working days.

What do customers say?

Highest quality & latest technology on the market

At World of Comfort, we take the word quality seriously.

Everything is well thought out in terms of design, materials and functionality, which is why we are proud to now be able to offer you the best massage products on the market. We strive to have only the latest, most innovative, best and attractive products.

Frequently asked questions

The shakeboard can hold up to 140 kg.

We recommend 15-20 minutes a day.

As soon as you stand on the shakeboard, you automatically begin to tense up your muscle groups, depending on what position you are in. As soon as you tense up your muscle groups, you will begin to burn calories and increase blood circulation in the body.

Yes. You can both select an automatic program that goes in and moves in intervals, or you can select a manual program where you can adjust the speed via the plus and minus buttons.

Yes, you can stand in all sorts of positions. In fact, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. You can do plank, arm bends, squats – and even stand on your hands if it should tempt!

Start by kind of opening the wristwatch on the back. You open it by loosening the 4 small screws in each corner, with the small pink screwdriver. The screwdriver is included in the bag with the user manual.
Insert the battery into the watch. The battery is in the bag with the user manual. It’s the little round “clock battery”
Then screw the silver back on again. Please note that there is a reset hole on the back dial and it should be in the same place as the reset hole under the back dial. Looking inside the wristwatch, you will notice a small round surface, this is for the reset hole.
Turn off the shakeboard.
Press the following at the same time: A + M + MP3. The shakeboard will make a sound if you have done it correctly.
Press speed.
Press auto.
Press the reset hole on the back of the wristwatch with the small screwdriver for 5 seconds. On the front of the wristwatch, there is a small red light which will then flash twice, this means that it has responded to your zero installation.
Tap MP3 on the shakeboard. The wristwatch and the shakeboard are now paired and can work together.
Watch the tutorial video on our youtube channel here

We have a sea of exercises. Among other things, watch our videos on our youtube channel here.

Warranty & service

We always offer a minimum 2 year guarantee on all our massage devices.


Always a 14-day right of withdrawal on the massagers on the webshop.

Fast delivery

We send all packages weekdays at 10, you order before kl. 10 we send the same day.

Gain control over your health and well-being


Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 83 × 52 × 25 cm