Maximum Comfort Mattress

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  • Memory-Foam
  • 5 zones
  • Cold gel
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Memory Foam: Our memory foam mattress is for you who will sleep heavily, as well as feel the body supported throughout the night sleep. The intake consisting of 100 memory foam, this foam is pressure relieving through your body building and body heat and decreases restless movements during your night’s sleep. Our memory foam mattress adapts to you and shapes itself according to your body, so you can always feel that you are in the correct lying position. This mattress also has an overdraft of cool gel that keeps the mattress cold through the night and allows you to cool off during the hot nights. The Cool gel material can be zipped off and washed, so you can always feel fresh and cool when you’re in bed.

Maximum comfort is available in 3 hardness. This is up to the WOC consultant to choose in order for you to get the best mattress that suits you. The hairs are H1 medium, H2 medium and H3 hard. The hardness of the food must be chosen from the store’s test, the hardness of the food in the shop/fairs etc. always consists of H2.

Madras Maximum komfort

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Dimensions 200 × 90 × 73 cm

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