Beige Cosmos Massage Chair


  • 4D massage
  • 6 Programs
  • Reflexology
  • Heat on hands
  • Adjustable shoulders
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Beige Cosmos Massage Chair

Beige Kosmos Massage Chair is our new massage chair. It has a fully implemented and in-depth massage, at the level of our other top models.

We have chosen to take this massage chair home as it massaging at the level of our top models, but the just is a tooth cheaper than the others. Therefore, if you focus on a fantastic treatment, but also want the best price, the cosmos is the correct chair for you.

Beige Kosmos Massage Chair is suitable for both private homes and workplaces.


Why choose Beige Kosmos Massage Chair?

Beige Kosmos Massage Chair has a look designed for the modern consumer. Its modern design radiates quality and professionalism.

The cosmos can be purchased in beige with high quality PU leather.


The many features of the cosmos

The cosmos’s offal consists of sensors in several places in the chair, in this way the person who puts himself will have optimum treatment tailored to the height, width and weight of the body. Among other things, the cosmos is one of the massage chairs that has the most focus on the neck and shoulders, it provides optimum massage in this area and is one of the chairs in our range that can provide the most profound massage in the neck area. In fact, the cosmos can go a whole 8 cm in depth, giving you an optimum neck and shoulders massage every day.

With 4 intense and strong massage balls, the body is massaged all the way from the top of the head and all the way down to under the bale muscle. The cosmos is therefore with the so-called integrated L-Shape treatment, which is especially healthy for the sciatica nerve. The massaging on the entire 128 cm long massage shine, so we are sure that you get the very longest and complete massage to the back of the body. Massage balls massaging with several different methods, including the following: The recognized Shiatsu method, kneading, tapping, etc.

The cosmos has an air pressure at the feet, legs, hips, arms, shoulders and back.

With a pressing air pressure, the method sets the blood circulation and therefore causes the blood and waste to be pumped around the body. It is in our view a health imperative, as this can help keep the body healthy from the inside and get waste materials like both alcohol, tobacco smoking and medical chemicals out of the body. To finally mention, it can prevent the risk of blood clots.


How to serve beige Kosmo Massage Chair

The cosmos has built-in warmth in the inlets and feet, which can go in and relieve muscle/joint pain. As something exclusive on the market, the cosmos as the only one also has warmth on the hands and arms. This has been in demand for a long time at World of Comfort, therefore this chair is now produced with heat on hands as well as arms. Especially arthritis patients care about getting pain reduction with warmth, and therefore the Chair is especially popular for this purpose. The cosmos has built-in speakers, so it is possible to connect your phone/tablet via Bluetooth and therefore play the music you want. The music can also be synchronized with the massage, this gives a psychological satisfaction, reminiscent of the popular mindfullness.

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  • 4D massage
  • Air pressure all over the body
  • L-Shape Massage
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Manual control of all functions
  • Reflexology
  • Heat in offal, feet and hands
  • Loudspeakers
  • Easy-to-use feather service
  • Adjustable shoulder Massage
  • Zero Gravity – Runs on rails


Do you use a massage chair?

Yes, but it is important that it is in a place where you want to stay. The best place in our opinion is a place where you feel safe, possibly. Have a TV in front of you so you can sit and enjoy a good movie while. The use of a massage chair also includes getting it into everyday life as a routine. We recommend doing it as the last thing before going to bed, which is your body most tender and that has your body most needed it.


How much can you use a massage chair?

You may use a massage chair every day, however, our bodies are different and we recommend listening to your body. We recommend starting out with 10-15 minutes, drinking some water and walking around for a little walk, then noticing how the body and mind feel. Feels all perfect, you can sit down and get some massage again. Then it’s a process. We always recommend starting out for less time and going up for longer after a few weeks.


Should you drink water after a trip in the massage chair?

Yes, a massage chair acts as a physical treat. It is important to drink water after so that the waste can get out of the body with the liquid.


Does the Beige Cosmos Massage Chair in other colours exist?

yes, besides the classic beige model, Kosmos is also available in a black edition.


What is the goal and weight of the Beige Cosmos Massage Chair?

This information can be found below further above.


Where am I going to put my massage chair?

We recommend that you put it in the living room or bedroom so that you are sure to have it used.

EXCELLENT PRODUCTS! – Excellent products have both bought bed and massage chair from them, I have had Tempur and Hästens bed, but I have never slept as well as I do in the WOC’s maximum comfort mattress.

Hans Jespersen

Got my massage chair delivered by WOC today it was supposed to be on the first floor, but succeeded. Great praise for the service I got and the warm mood.

Lukas Hamburger Pedersen

Excellent product for any money it has taken most of my pain and stress. Thank you for professional guidance during the sale!

Onur Köse

The best part is their service! – Once in 3 years we have had problems connecting our smartphones to the chair here for the 3-day page. It only took one call, there was a young guy at our house the next day, he showed us how to do it in 5 min.

Mathias Johannes

Have just bought an Apollo in the Ørbæk market, so now we are just waiting for it to be delivered tomorrow. Have tested the chair and what nice feeling in the body after such a trip thanks for a good and friendly service.

Lars Modberg

The World of Comfort gave us a very nice review of a wonderful massage chair. It was really effective against a sore shoulder and back. Like having your own masseur.

Troels Nielsen

Additional information

Dimensions 136 × 75 × 118 cm




Peeled (weight)

121 kg

Arms (Weight)

19,5 kg

Foot (weight)

35,5 kg

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