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  • 4D massage
  • 12 programmes
  • Deep Zone Therapy
  • Voice control
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Apollo is our most exclusive massage chair at World of Comfort. It has, among other things, Won a prize on the big American market in massage products, to be the world’s best massage chair in 2016. We are therefore very proud to be one supplier to this unique and unique product throughout Scandinavia!

World of Comfort has the exclusive right of this pride, you are therefore assured as a customer to have a firm and unique trade after purchasing Apollo with us.

Apollo has got a newer improved model in the end 2018!

This model is called Apollo PLUS and is one of the few massage chairs on the market that has intense play massages. Have you visited us in the shops or seen us at fairs as well as markets from 2018, it is most likely Apollo PLUS you have tried!


Apollo is available in black, rose gold and white. All the massage chairs are in high-quality PU leather, a highly abrasive material highly researched for the use of massage products.

Apollo’s design is well thought out for every smallest detail, and so the elements of this massage chair have not been compromised. All parts are of high durability, and in highly abrasion-resistant material, highly researched for the use of massage products.

The massage chair attracts a lot of positive attention with its smooth design and intense appearance. With the possibility of alternating color LED lights and high-gloss elements on the sides, the chair can no more than fit in with the discerning souls, with a flair for quality products.

Apollo has built-in remote control in the armrest, nor do you have wires lying around the chair. If you want to enter and have a little more detailed treatment, you can control the chair via an APP on a phone or tablet.

Apollo 8900 Page
Apollo 8900 Page
Apollo 8900 Page


  • 4D massage
  • Luff pressure all over the body
  • L-Shape Massage
  • 12 Auto Programs
  • Manual control of all functions
  • Reflexology
  • Warmth in offal and feet
  • Loudspeakers
  • Built-in and wireless remote control
  • Voice control
  • Air Purifier System
  • LED Lights
  • Zero Gravity-Runs on rails

Apollos offal consists of sensors in several locations in the chair, in this way the person who places himself will have optimum treatment tailored to the height, width and weight of the body.

With 4 intense and strong massage balls, the body is massaged all the way from the top of the head and all the way down to under the bale muscle. Apollo is therefore with the so-called integrated L-Shape treatment, which is especially healthy for the sciatica nerve.

Massage balls massaging with several different methods, including the following: The acclaimed Shiatsu method, kneading, tapping etc. You can control the intensity of the massage balls, allowing you to massage deeper than the other massage chairs. In particular, this feature is popular for massage of the shoulders and neck.

Apollo has an air pressure at the feet, legs, hips, arms, shoulders and back. With a pressing air pressure, the method sets the blood circulation and therefore causes the blood and waste to be pumped around the body. It is in our view a health imperative, as this can help keep the body healthy from the inside and get waste materials like both alcohol, tobacco smoking and medical chemicals out of the body. To finally mention, it can prevent the risk of blood clots.

Apollo has built-in warmth in the infeed and foot massage that can go in and relieve muscle/joint pain. Especially arthritis patients care about getting pain reduction with warmth, and therefore, Apollo is especially popular for this purpose. You can control the intensity of heat in this chair.

Apollo is one of the few massage chairs on the market that provides massages in your play with intense massage balls. It is therefore especially good for you who love to get massage on the legs too.

Apollo has built-in speakers, so it is possible to connect your phone/tablet via Bluetooth and therefore play the music you want. The music can also be synchronized with the massage, this gives a psychological satisfaction, reminiscent of the popular Mindfullness.

Apollo has voice control, by using your voice you can then go in and turn on/off the chair, as well as change program. Therefore, you do not need remote control or any other form of control in this chair, other than your voice.

You get a smart and easy-to-use wireless remote control.


When ordering the Apollo plus massage chair, there are 5-6 weeks of delivery time.

Our service men have received unique training in Apollos offal, and are therefore the few service men on the market who can repair this product with expertise.

You are therefore under safe hands by trading with WOC, and gain reassurance even after the trade is made. With our nationwide running service men, you are always guaranteed a short call from receiving a service yn FREE at your home!

Additional information

Dimensions 152 × 80 × 128 cm

White – beige fabric and upholstery, Black food – completely black with food effect, Rose gold – brown, bronze and gold details



Peeled (weight)

121 kg

Arms (Weight)

19,5 kg

Foot (weight)

35,5 kg

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