Sky Luxury Comfort Chair


  • Gentle air pressure
  • Beef leather
  • Solid wood
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Sky Luxury Comfort Chair

Sky Luxury Comfort Chair is one of our most popular comfort leather armchairs. It has a very calming effect, so works well as recliners, and is especially suitable for an audience in need of peace of mind and body. This is also one of the chairs we have in our range, where you are guaranteed to be able to calm down or in deep sleep. It is also a chair that all consumers can use, no matter the age, injuries, illnesses, etc.
People who can often be affected by constant pain, patients with gout, osteoporosis, discus prolapse or people affected by stress are particularly fond of this model.



Second color? Sky Luxury Comfort Chair is available in black, dark brown, light brandy and white as armchair design. Buyers are most often at the “discerning” end, as both design and offal are high quality on leather armchair. Therefore, the customer owner of such a leather chair as Sky, always those who will not compromise on the look of the home or workplace. The Sky Luxury Comfort Chair is of the finest quality ox leather and solid wood. All materials are therefore sturdy and so durable. Both leather and wood can be combined with several colours, therefore there is also the possibility of having the furniture integrated to your home or premises in the workplace.


Why choose sky luxury comfort chair?

  • Exclusive design
  • Beef Leather
  • Solid Wood
  • Heat
  • Pressure
  • Increase/Decrease function

Sky Luxury Comfort Chair provides gentle air pressure in both back and bale muscles, so you can freely use it to relax in everyday life, and de-stress. If you want a little extra, the chair also has built-in heating. Therefore, if you are suffering from pain in the special lumbar area, Sky is a great alternative to a regular massage chair. It will not massage, as it has no decidedly massaging balls, but the heat will go in and relieve the pain you are suffering in your everyday life. Arthritis patients are particularly fond of this chair as the heat goes in and soothes their pain.


Wellness in everyday life

At World of Comfort, we know that good wellness products are important – also in everyday life. We believe that good comfort and quality are essential in your daily life. That is why we have a wide selection withinfurniture for the living room, and in particular we have a wide selection within sofas, armchairs and lifting chairs. Everyone with it in common that there is no compromise on quality and comfort, so you can safely choose the most optimal of our furniture products to have to adorn your living room.


Financing the Sky Luxury Comfort Chair

At World of Comfort, you can always get a budget-friendly partial payment on all our products. With both interest and fee-free partial payments, your price will not increase over time. You can read more about our funding throughSantander here.

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