Facial Massage Cleanser

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  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Vibration shock


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Facial Massage Cleanser


Facial Massage Cleanser

Facial massage Cleaner is a 2 in 1 skin care product with electronic movements, which makes cleaning and skin care much easier in the busy everyday life.

Facial massage The cleaner is built in with a rubber surface which makes the product easy to use and hygienic compared to the regular face cleaners that we know on the market.

The product has on the back an electronic, cooling shock-function with metal surface, which closes the Porans after the face is cleaned with the brush on the other side.

The product is the latest on the market and cannot be dispensed with in the homes where care is of great importance.

You can quickly and easily charge your World Of Comfort Facial Massage Cleanser in the fine USB holder that comes with the product.

If you want to further care for your skin, we recommend our popular eye massage, Aurora.

  • Easy to handle
  • High-level Facial cleanser
  • Ultra-Shock
  • Rubber material


How Will The Brush Head of Facial Massage Cleaner Affect Dry Skin?

The exfoliating brush head actually goes in and counteracts dry skin by removing the dead skin cells, so your skin will feel softer and lighter will be able to accept moisture.


Do ultra-shock not hurt?

No, the ultra-shock from the face cleaner is intended to be gentle on your skin, so you will barely feel it.


Should the brush head be replaced after use?

No, the face cleaner is developed with an innovative brush head that is easy to clean after use and therefore never needs to be replaced.

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