Vibration Board Shakeboard

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  • Calorie burner
  • Strengthens balance
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Vibration Board Shakeboard

Vibration board Shakeboard is an alternative to both exercise machines as well as rehabilitation machines. The shakeboard helps to boost blood circulation and also strengthens the balance.

Depending on the chosen body position on the product, the desired muscle group is strengthened. The board helps through this feature to burn calories.

It is important to change the position so that all the muscle groups are trained. 2 Elastic bands can be attached to the board, which helps you to get the upper part of your body trained.

The board also helps to retrain your weak joints.

This product is especially suitable for the target group who has difficulty getting burned calories, who want to strengthen balance or gain strength in muscles.

It can be checked manually or simply run an auto program that trains the body in increments.

The package includes 2 elastic bands and a wristwatch serves as a remote control.

Vibration board Shakeboard can be used at the same time as our popular product for eye massage, Aurora.

  • Burn calories
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Strengthens the balance
  • Auto Programs
  • Manual control
  • Speakers for music via USB input
  • Motion can be synchronized with the music
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Built-in remote control
  • Training bands


What can the shakeboard hold?

The shakeboard can hold up to 140 kg.


How long should you stand on the Shakeboard Shakeboard?

We recommend 15-20 minutes a day.


What happens when you’re on the shakeboard?

As soon as you stand on the shakeboard, you automatically start to tighten up your muscle groups, depending on the position you are in. As soon as you buckle up in your muscle groups, you will start burning calories and increasing blood circulation in your body.


Can multiple speeds be selected on the shakeboard?

Yes. You can choose both an automatic program that goes in and moves in increments, or you can choose a manual program where you can adjust the speed via plus as well as minus the buttons.


Can you stand in multiple positions?

Yes, you can stand in the world’s positions. In fact, it’s only the imagination that sets the limits. You can do planks, push-ups, squats – and even stand on your hands on it in case it tempts!


How do you pair the wireless bracelet?

  1. Start with art open the wristwatch on the back. You open it by loosening the 4 small screws in each corner, with the little pink screwdriver. The screwdriver is included in the bag with the user manual.
  2. Insert the battery into the wristwatch. The battery is in the bag with the user manual. It’s the small round “clock battery”
  3. Then screw the silver back back back on. Please note that there is a reset hole on the rear disc and it must sit in the same place as the reset hole under the rear disc. By looking inside the wristwatch, you will notice a small round surface, this is to the reset hole.
  4. Turn off the shakeboard.
  5. At the same time, press the following: A + M + MP3. The shakeboard will make a sound if you have done it correctly.
  6. Press speed.
  7. Press auto.
  8. Press the reset hole on the back of the wristwatch with the small screwdriver for 5 seconds. On the front of the wristwatch, there is a small red light which will then flash twice, which means that it has responded to your zero installation.
  9. On the shakeboard, press MP3. The wristwatch and shakeboard are now paired and can work together.

Do you have training programs for shakeboard shakeboard?

Unfortunately, we do not have that at the moment. But we can send you some great videos from Youtube which might inspire you a little!

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