• 2D Massage
  • 3 Programs
  • Air pressure for legs
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Neptune’s History

Neptune is one of the new massage chairs we have got home. If you want a smaller massage chair, which still provides massage the main places of the body, this model is bestseller and the most optimal. Neptune is sold out every time before it gets back into stock.

It is especially popular for standing in the living room due to the Its smooth design.


Neptune is available in black, red/black and white/brown.

Its design is simple and smooth. With round shapes and a tight surface, Neptune is one of the massage chairs that has an extraordinary and modern design in the new fashion. It is timeless in massage chairs and you are not mistaken for this design.

Neptune has wheels under the chair, making it easy and moveable. If you need to have guests, or for another reason must have the chair moved, it is flexible and easy to handle for everyone.

Neptune has speakers where you can add Bluetooth to via your device and play some quiet music. We recommend Mindfullnes, which can give you tranquility the same time with you getting your optimal treatment.

In Neptune’s USB input, you can charge your phone.


  • L-Shape Massage
  • Heat
  • Air pressure for the legs and hips
  • Can be chaed down
  • Speakers for Music
  • Built-in remote control
  • USB input so you can charge your phone
  • 3 Auto Programs
  • Manual control

L-shape massage from the top of the head, all the way down the spine and under the bale muscle. This gives you ample opportunity to have massaged all the tension out, as well as get massaged most of the sciatica nerve.

In the built-in remote control, you can manage where the massage balls are to be massaging, where they are to massage. This gives you the opportunity to massage myooses and tenderties away. This is also where Neptune can replace the physical handler.

In the chair you can add heat, it is done simply by pressing a button in the built-in remote control. In addition to the heat is delicious for the cold winter evenings, the heat is especially good for muscle/joint pain. At WOC we have a number of gout patients who use the heat from the chair, precisely for this purpose to relieve the daily arthritis pain.

Airbag also called air pressure massage, sets the time for blood circulation. If you have a sitting or standing job, this feature is especially good. It prevents the risk of blood clots, causes waste to get started and circulations are started. We recommend at any time to invest in a massage chair with this function in the legs. Neptune has as a plus, also this feature at the hips!

It can be put in the zero gravity position. This position is the most optimal position to get massage in, in a massage chair. Your knees are positioned higher than your heart, giving you a relaxing opportunity to let go of the daily tension and letting you “float” the same time that you can enjoy your massage for optimum performance.


You can get Neptune repaired by our service men at any time.

With our nationwide running service men, you are always guaranteed a short call from receiving a view of your massage chair at your home!


At World of Comfort you can always get a budget-friendly part payment on all products. With both the possibility of interest and free part payments, your price will not increase over time.

Additional information


Black food – completely black with food effect, Brown with white sides, Red with black sides


65 kg




Length: 145 cm
Width: 76 cm
Height: 79 cm

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