• 2D Massage
  • 4 Programs
  • Most room-friendly
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History of Venus

Venus is the latest product we’ve got home. Our Scandinavian customers demanded a product that did not have the general appearance of a massage chair. At that time it was not possible, unless one compromised on the functions of the mass, which was in no way optimal for us. At the end of 2017 we found a supplier who would make this type of massage chair, and we have now got Venus home to Denmark. It has become very popular, in a very short time.

It fits in with everyone but still massager it with optimum function as well as the effect that is a requirement and value for our WOC products.

It is currently as popular in private homes as in workplaces.


Venus has a soft and round design that many of our customers fall for. With the round design, the chair resembles a quite ordinary armchair, and can easily be integrated into the living room without dominating the rest of the furniture. It is also the smallest chair we have in our range, so it also fills at least. Many ordinary armchairs are larger than Venus, therefore do not move around to make room for the massage chair. Venus is incl. Footstool.


  • L-Shape Massage
  • 4 Auto Programs
  • Manual control
  • Time selection
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Including. Nudge

Venus is for you who want a massage chair which massaging nice especially in the neck and the rest area. It has L-shape massage, so it will massaging from the top of the head, and Down Under the bale muscle, that way you are sure that you can also get massaged a part of your ice sheet daily.

Venus also has the ability to be controlled manually. With several different ways of massaging, you can freely choose your favorite method of massage, and therefore choose a specific point you want the Masthet. Most often, this function is used for neck and scalp pain.


You can get a repair at any time on Venus, our service men are nationwide and will gladly drive out to you, so you won’t have to load more than just a phone call to WOC.


At World of Comfort you can always get a budget-friendly part payment on all products. With both the possibility of interest and free part payments, your price will not increase over time.

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Black food – completely black with food effect


45 kg




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Bredde: 74,5 cm
Højde: 107 cm