Foot massage Moonwalk


  • Reflexology
  • Heat
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  • Reflexology
  • Air pressure for blood circulation
  • Heat
  • Auto Programs
  • Manual control

Moonwalks Features

If you love a good foot and leg massage, Moonwalk is the absolute best and most optimal product.

It provides zone therapy under the feet, has air pressure which gives time to blood circulation and allows for warmth. It is especially good for people who have a daily standing or sitting job, as it will boost blood circulation and help get waste from the body.

The intensity can be adjusted between medium and hard massage. If the massage feels too intense at first, we recommend using a thick fabric such as towel or soft slippers that can take the intensity. If you want a harder massage, we recommend using the Footjob features.

The foot massage has a built-in touch panel on the appliance itself. The outside sides can easily adjust the direction of the angle of the instrument via a pushbutton.

We recommend using the foot massage 10-20 minutes at the beginning per day.


All products can be financed at a good monthly price. This foot massage will cost less per month than one treatment costs for a single time.