Massage Pillow Pluto


  • Infrared heat
  • 4 Massage Balls

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  • Infrared heat
  • 4 Rotating Massage Balls
  • Can be used throughout the body
  • Home connectors
  • Connector for the car

Pluto is a massage cushion with infrared heat and 4 rotating massage balls.

You now have the opportunity to have massage anywhere on the body!

Where and when you want is this an optimal product for you who want a smaller massage product at home, on the long journeys or perhaps a supplement to the office?

There are connectors for both home and car, so you can enjoy your massage wherever you want and when you want.

This massage cushion should be used by leaning on an armchair, head restraint, couch, etc.

On the back of the cushion is a velcro band, which can also be used to tighten, for example, the headrest in the car.

To make the massage harder used your body weight, we do not recommend to sit/stand on the product. If you want a gentle massage, you can gently lean up the massage cushion, in the beginning it may be a good idea to use a towel or a thin blanket between the body and the massage cushion itself, so as to make it milder.

We recommend Max 10-20 minutes per point.

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